Duke Workshop on Authoritarian Backsliding?

  • Duke University Department of Political Science Rhodes Conference Room (Sanford 223) Sanford School of Public Policy Durham, NC 27708 USA

Authoritarian Backsliding? 

Erosion of Democracy in Unlikely Places

Duke University, Department of Political Science

Rhodes Conference Room (Sanford 223)

Sanford School of Public Policy

Friday, April 21 and Saturday, April 22, 2017

Event Website https://sites.duke.edu/2017abw/


Friday, April 21 

1:00pm lunch buffet/reception, Rhodes Room

2:00pm conference proceedings begin  

1. Indicators of backsliding: How much and what kind of backsliding is taking place?


Michael Coppedge, Notre Dame, coppedge.1@nd.edu

Pippa Norris, Kennedy School, Harvard pippa_norris@Harvard.Edu

Lucan Way, University of Toronto     lway@utsc.utoronto.ca   

Tbc Larry Diamond, Stanfordldiamond@stanford.edu 

2. Public Opinion and Backsliding: Are citizens defecting from democracy?


Ali Carkoglu/Kerem Yildirim, Koc University,    acarkoglu@ku.edu.tr  / kyildirim@ku.edu.tr 

Radoslaw Markowski, Polish Academy of Sciences markowski@isppan.waw.pl    

Elizabeth Zechmeister, Vanderbilt     liz.zechmeister@vanderbilt.edu    

Christian Welzel, Leuphana University of Lüneburg   christian.welzel@uni.leuphana.de

8:00pm dinner for conference participants


Saturday, April 22  

1:00pm lunch buffet/reception, Rhodes Room


3. Institutional and Political Mechanisms of Backsliding: Elite Strategies and the Temptations of Authoritarianism


Robert Kaufman (Rutgers/Columbia) kaufrutger@aol.com  

Judith Kelley, (Duke University) judith.kelley@duke.edu

Ozge Kemahlioglu, Sabanci University/currently Duke     ozgekemah@sabanciuniv.edu

Herbert Kitschelt, Duke University,  h3738@duke.edu;

Tentative title: Bilateral Competition and the Rise of Hegemonic Parties

Annibal Perez-Linan, University of Pittsburgh,  asp27@pitt.edu

Graeme Robertson, UNC Chapel Hill, Graeme@email.unc.edu

Milan Svolik (Yale)   milan.svolik@yale.edu

Milada Vachudova (UNC Chapel Hill)  vachudov@email.unc.edu 

Tentative Title: Elite Strategies: Temptations to Go Authoritarian?

Steven Wilkinson (Yale)   steven.wilkinson@yale.edu