WAPOR, Lisbon

  • Sana Lisboa Hotel Avenida Fontes Pereira de Melo Lisboa, Lisboa Portugal


70th Annual Conference, Sana Lisboa Hotel, Lisbon




Panel on July, 16 (11:50-13:00; Castelo III) World Values Survey: Understanding and predicting participation and voting

Speakers: Christian Haerpfer, Pippa Norris, Alejandro Moreno, Yascha Monk, Roberto Foa, Kseniya Kizilova

Link: http://www.confmanager.uk/programme2017.php?p=188

Sun July 16 11:50-13:00 Castelo III, Sana Lisboa Hotel

Panel: World Values Survey Findings and Political Behavior: Understanding and Predicting Participation and Voting

The Mobile Device Gap in Protest Behavior: Findings from the World Values Survey
Alejandro Moreno (ITAM, Mexico)

Using World Values Survey Indicators to Predict Democratic Backsliding
Roberto Foa (University of Melbourne), Yascha Mounk (Harvard University)

Satisfaction with democracy: A crisis in Western democracies?
Pippa Norris (Harvard & Sydney Universities, EIP Director)

Patterns of Conventional and Un-Conventional Political Participation in Global Perspective
Kseniya Kizilova (World Values Survey Association), Christian Haerpfer (World Values Survey Association)