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ECPR General Conference: Democracies at Risk Stream

The 2018 General Conference will be held at Universität Hamburg in northern Germany. ECPR’s General Conference remains Europe's largest annual gathering of political scientists, often attracting more than 2,000 scholars from throughout the world and at all stages of their career.

Jeffery Karp and Hanna Wass will be co-chairing the Democracies at Risk stream that includes the following six Panels:

1. Contested elections and political legitimacy (chair: TBA)
2. Disseminating fake news and the politics of fear (chair: TBA)
3. Rising cynicism and the participation gap (chairs: Isak Vento and Jenni Rinne, University of Helsinki)
4. Electoral competition, campaign finance and regulation (chair: TBA)
5. Causes and consequences of electoral malpractices (chair: Constanza Sanhueza Petrarca, University of Gothenburg)
6. Innovations to facilitate the voter experience (chairs: Theresa Reidy, University College Cork and Johanna Peltoniemi, University of Tampere)