The project has organized  a series of international workshops, as well as panels at several professional conferences and outreach events (see talks).

Forthcoming events

SAN FRANCISCO, CA: 30 Aug 2017

The 2017 annual EIP workshop will meet in San Francisco in conjunction with the American Political Science Association annual meeting. The theme is “Protecting electoral security and voting rights: The 2016 US elections in comparative perspective.” See the Call for Papers for details about the event and how to submit a proposal.

Past events

PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC: 7-10 September 2016

This panel at the ECPR General Conference from 7-10 Sept 2016 discussed the link between electoral reforms and the overall quality of electoral governance and integrity. The panel was part of the section on Changing political institutions: New perspectives in the study of reforms and their consequences”. Chairs: C. Bedock, D. Bol & T. Ehrhard. More details here.

PHILADELPHIA: 31 August 2016

The ninth EIP Workshop was held in Philadelphia on Wednesday 31 August 2016, immediately before the American Political Science Association Annual Meeting. It was co-sponsored by EIOP,  V-DEM, and the APSA Elections, Public Opinion, and Voting Behavior (EPOVB) organized section. More details here.

POZNAN, POLAND: 23 July 2016

The eighth EIP workshop was held in Poznan, Poland in conjunction with the International Political Science Association 24th World Congress from 23-28 July 2016. The event featured a one-day Workshop from 8.30 to 7pm on Saturday 23 July 2016 on ‘Contentious elections, conflict and regime transitions’ cosponsored by EIP, International IDEA and RC Elections, Citizens and Parties.  More details are available here. Congress also featured a Panel during the main IPSA World Congress, organized by EIP and V-DEM, on ‘The construction and use of expert surveys’.  More details here.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA: 2 September 2015

This Workshop was held in San Francisco from 9.00 am to 7.00 pm on Wednesday 2 September 2015, immediately prior to the American Political Science Association‘s Annual Meeting from 3 to 6 September 2015. Co-sponsors: International IDEA and the Elections, Public Opinion, and Voting Behavior (EPOVB) organized section. The Main Theme of the event was on ‘Strengthening Electoral Integrity: What works?’ – establishing systematic evidence about the most effective policy interventions for strengthening electoral integrity. More details…

MONTREAL, CANADA: 26-29 August 2015

The Electoral Integrity Project sponsored a section at the ECPR General Conference in Montreal, Canada, on “The Hidden Challenges of Electoral Integrity”. This section presented panels focusing on unexpected problems in the study of electoral integrity in both the democratic and autocratic regimes that hold elections. This event was organised by Margarita Zavadskaya and Holly Garnett. More details…

SYDNEY, NSW: 28 September – 1 October 2014

Two workshops were held at the University of Sydney in September 2014, in conjunction with the Australian Political Science Association  annual conference.  Details are available at

MONTREAL, CANADA: 18 July 2014

The fourth Workshop was held in Montreal on July 18th 2014 prior to IPSA’s World Congress in conjunction with the IPSA Research Committee 23 Elections, Citizens and Parties and the Making Electoral Democracy Workproject. The workshop organizer was Dr Ferran Martinez i Coma. More details…

MANCHESTER, UK: 14-16 April 2014

Panels on electoral integrity were held in conjunction with the UK Political Studies Association Conference in Manchester, 14-16 April 2014. The panel organizer was Dr. Alistair Clarke, University of Newcastle. More details…

BANGKOK, THAILAND: 22 August 2013

A workshop on Electoral Integrity in Southeast Asia was held in Bangkok on 22 August 2013, as part of the ICIRD 2013 conference. An academic panel and a practitioner round-table built on the Bangkok Declaration on Free and Fair Elections and discussed how state actors, the media and civil society can contribute to cleaner elections. The workshop organizer was Mr. Max Grömping. More details…

CHICAGO: 28 August 2013

The third workshop on Electoral Integrity was held in Chicago on Wednesday 28 August 2013, immediately prior to the annual meeting of the American Political Science Association. This event was co-sponsored with the APSA Organized Section on Elections, Public Opinion and Voting Behavior. The workshop organizer was Dr. Richard Frank. More details…

CAMBRIDGE, MA: 3-4 June 2013

The Workshop on “Concepts and Indices of Electoral Integrity”  was held at the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs, Harvard University on 3-4 June 2013. The workshop organizer was Prof. Pippa Norris. More details…

MADRID, SPAIN: 7 July 2012

The launch event was the Workshop on “Challenges of Electoral Integrity” held on 7 July 2012, prior to the IPSA Congress in Madrid. The event was organized in conjunction with IPSA-ECP, the research committee on Elections, Citizens and Parties, and co-sponsored by International IDEA.  More details…



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